“The best thing I have done for myself since moving to Cuenca. Perry, Frida and Marco are excellent Instructors...Very patient with beginners and very helpful.
I highly recommend Pampamisayoc Qi Gong.”

- Steve Clair, 80 years.

Weekly Schedule

Try your first class for no cost

Our doors open 30min before any class, just make sure that you are on time.
No need to book ahead.


Qigong Beginner - $40/month (7 classes per week)
Qigong Intermediate - $50/month (incl. beginner classes)*
Qigong Advanced - $70/month (incl. beginner & interm.)*

Intermediate & Advanced are only for those who have done Beginner classes with us, and then been invited to advance.

Dao Yoga - $40/month
I Ching group - $40/month

Drop in fee - $10/class

Qigong Beginner + Dao Yoga or I Ching = $65/month
Qigong Beginner + Dao Yoga + I Ching = $85/month

Strive to Create Value,
Your Possibilities are Endless…

Find us here
17-51 Mariscal Lamar
between Octavio Cordero & Miguel Heredia
Cuenca, Ecuador

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